Zen Garden Landscape Design

Life is busy and for most of us, it gets stressful or even overwhelming. Between work, kids, school, money, social events or whatever it is in your life that causes you anxiety, it is becoming harder and harder to quiet our minds.

We spend lots of time and money to ‘get away’ and escape so we can unwind and calm our thoughts. Maybe your escape is the mountains, the beach or maybe you like to go to a cottage. A place where you can unplug and reconnect.

As a landscape designer I take those things into account when designing a landscape plan for a client. You don’t have to escape from your reality to enjoy life. We can help to bring some peace and comfort to you.

As a business owner and landscape designer I am extremely busy in the summer months. I also have 2 demanding (but wonderful) kids, I am an artist and I am a meditation coach. Trying to balance the things I want to do and the things I have to do becomes quite the stressful juggling act.

To help me find that much needed balance and peace I transformed my ordinary backyard into my outdoor office and meditation room. I bring my laptop and a glass of tea into my gazebo in my back yard. The trees, shrubs, grass and flowers fill the air with a fresh summer smell. The birds chirping and the bubbling water from my fountain are the noise in the background. The sun on my skin feels me with vitamin D and makes me feel calmer and happier.

Since I’ve done this to my yard, my productivity and creativity have increased, my stress and anxiety have decreased. I no longer feel the urge to throw my phone in a lake and head for the mountains. I have created a getaway right here in my back yard.

My daughter loves our fairy garden where she grows strawberries and flowers. My son loves the trees where he can climb and make forts. My husband loves the patio where he can BBQ and visit with our friends.

I almost forgot to mention the firepit area and the hammock! I don’t know of too many things I enjoy as much as lying in the hammock watching the squirrel sneak into the bird feeder to loot the seeds. The firepit is a great place to enjoy some real facetime with my family without any distractions.

When I design a landscape I always try to imagine what it will be like for you to sit out there. In the middle of the city with all of the distractions, can I share that home getaway feeling with my clients?

Of course every client is different. Some people love lots of flowers, some people like gardens, some people like simple designs … getting to know you and your hobbies helps us to design a yard with the right attributes for you.

You don’t have to be into meditation or yoga to enjoy the benefits of having a place where you can unwind, relax, reconnect and find balance. We are here to help make that become your reality.

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